zaterdag 28 februari 2015

Blind ACT challenge: go for a new challenge card

Here is the second blind ATC challenge i made for fb-group. If you like to try... just go for it
Blind ATC card 2
Rules: just follow the steps. Stay in your comfort zone and use materials you like to work with. Have fun… Here we go…

·         We start with a blanco ATC card
·         Add washitape
·         Add white paint
·         Stamp on the right site of your card
·         Add white paint (option when your stamp is to dark)
·         Cut a rectangle (use scrappaper, old bookpaper…)
·         Glue it on the left bottom of your card
·         Cut a triangle (use scrappaper, old bookpaper…)
·         Glue it on the top of your rectangle
·         draw a little heart on old paper
·         Add washitape on the heart
·         Cut the heart out
·         Glue it in the middle of your rectangle
·         Use a black pen and sign around the surfaces
·         Add some colors (paint, aquarelle, gelato…)
·         Add distressink at the edge of the card
·         Add text
·         Distress the edge
·         Add some details 

My card...

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