maandag 23 mei 2016

gelli plate fun...backgrounds

It was raining yesterday, no plans so...a perfect moment to create some backgrounds with my gelli plate. 
 After the firts layer of my backgrouds were dry, i added a second layer with details as you can see on the pictures below. The next step is create an album and add some details, pictures, stamps...



zondag 15 mei 2016

DLP week 20: journalpage

This week journalpage is made with brusho and water...(layer1)
(Layer 2) stamp some words, flowers...with brusho and water
(Layer 3) stamps and versafine
(Layer 4) brusho and water
(Layer 5) add washitape, embellishments...
Your week is ready to start...

DLP week 20: PAC

This weeks challenge: use underpaper... No a problem for because i ALWAYS start with underpaper... So i grab a paperpiece from my brusho experiment and started with that... I added underpaper (with the crown stamp), old bookpaper, magazinepaper, distressink, posca details and letterstamps. 
The fun with underpaper is that you can make a PAC in 5' ;) and thats perfect for me: just a little me-time

DLP week 19: PAC

Challenge: do something with your name... I used a pink envelop i recieved from Sara Pirc. (Just the part with my name on) 
I added wahitapes, underpaper, sticker...

Art journalpage...

A new one... Making a journalpage like this is so relaxing... The only problem i have is when i come back at my table i need to add more doodles. I can't stop ;)


maandag 9 mei 2016

Art With trash Journal

This handmade journal is perfect for all my extra PAC's, my try-outs... All the cards are made with papertrash and leftovers. Most of the time i start with a background made with my underpaper (there is paint on it, stamps...) Then i add some extra's (old bookpaper, papertrash...). Its fun to do, just give it a try
Here some photo's... (the light is not so good...sorry for that)


zaterdag 7 mei 2016

From trash to PAC #29

Tha background for this one is also made mith brusho's. The next layers are leftovers and papertrash

From trash to PAC #28

The background is made with my gelli plate and brusho's. Next layers are: washitape, stamps, old paper and yellow DMC

donderdag 5 mei 2016

Faut postale ATC with gelliplate/brucho background

I added more stamps (with brucho/water) on my background. For the rest my usual elements: old papertrash and some stamps :)

Try out: gelli plate and brucho colours

I think this is not a good combination... Here is my experiment
Great colors... Maybe to much water?? 

maandag 2 mei 2016

ATC faux postage try out

I'm in for a faux postage swap. Never heard about it, so i need to try it first. Here is my try-out...
I stamped the corner of my stamp on a little piece of scrappaper, add a little stamp on it and a leaf in washitape...