zondag 12 maart 2017

LD 2017: week 11

Challenge: use stamps (handmade)
First layer: paper flowers and gel medium
Second layer: white gesso (and babywhipes to clean the page)

Next layer: stamps and watercolors, tissuepaper (gelli plate painted), posca (white and pink) and a PAC (to do list)

21days of emBODY: arms

21days of emBODY: feet

Day 71 of 365 in my daily journal

Challenge 71: emoji

woensdag 8 maart 2017

21days of emBODY: heart

21days of emBODY: lungs

Day 67 of 365 in my daily journal

Challenge 67: model
First layer: tissuepaper (gelliplate + acrylics) and gel medium

Second layer: magazinepicture (mask) and black paint

LD 2017: week 10

Week 10 prompt: secret garden
Acrylic paint (background and 3 painted flowers -black and yellowgreen), flowers ( cut out from old scrappaper), neocolors, heavy white paint (i used babywhipes for adding the paint), flowers, gel medium, stamps

Day 66 of 365 in my daily journal

Challenge 66: basic

zaterdag 4 maart 2017

Cards in progress

With underpaper, tissuepaper, gel medium and washi tape its easy to create your own cards. 
First: glue your underpaper on cardstock
Next: add washitape stripes. Cut out the cards in the size you like. 
Grab your tissuepaper and add little accents. 
Next step: add text, pictures, stamps...
Here are the next cards
Same progress (no washitape)

They are ready for more details...