zondag 23 oktober 2016

making your own ATC/PAC cards

It was time to create some new cards... Here are the easy steps for you. Have fun trying.
1. Grab an old background paper (paper that you use for cleaning your cards, brush...) and some old bookpaper.
2. Draw some arches on your bookpaper and cut them out
 3. Glue cardstock on the backside of your backgroundpaper (i used a gluestick)
 4. Grab some copy's of your artwork, punch some circles (or other figures) and hold the trash
 5. Glue the arches on you backgroundpaper
 6. Add some washitapes
 7. Glue the circles on your page
8. use a black pen for adding details (circles around your circles, arches...)
 9. Cut out some cards (i used different sides)

 10. Its time for the details. Add words, extra marks, stamps, pictures, distressink on the edges... On this point its up to you to add your own style, things you like...

 I hope you will  try this and enjoy it as i did...

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